Welcome to The Makeni-Sheffield Project, an initiative to bring together two cities: Makeni, Sierra Leone, and Sheffield, UK. They already have a strong connection, but we want to help turn these connections into an international bond by bringing them together in one place and sharing them with you.

On this website, you can learn more about Makeni and Sheffield, the connections that already exist between them, and how you can help them grow. Read about our inspirations, the Project’s goal of achieving the official twinning of Makeni and Sheffield, and the team behind it. Finally, discover perspectives and experiences from far away in our blog, Voices Across The Sea.

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Why do they call Sheffield the ‘Steel City’?

What makes Makeni the heart of Sierra Leone’s North?

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Voices Across the Sea

  • Jim’s Voice
    I lived in Makeni between 1982 and 1985 when I was seconded from the World Bank to the Government of Sierra Leone as Training Officer at the Teko Livestock Training Centre just beyond the Army Barracks. Makeni was then a bustling little town where tie dyeing of cloth appeared to be the main occupation. FundingContinue reading “Jim’s Voice”
  • Jiaxi’s Voice
    My favourite place in Sheffield is Kenwood Spa Hotel. The building is very classic and impressive. The place offers a private view with a nature walk path and a small beautiful lake. I love the breakfast place in the hotel. It is on the ground floor, right next to the lake. The best thing toContinue reading “Jiaxi’s Voice”
  • Paul’s Voice
    My fields of study are Mass Communication and Law . I like these professions because they have given me an opportunity to help address some of the many challenges our society is being faced with. I strongly believe that Sierra Leone needs a new set of professionals who can think beyond the box and addressContinue reading “Paul’s Voice”

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